About Me

Business consultant and former lawyer Ian King Los Angeles currently reside in Studio City, CA. In addition, he has served in the armed forces before and raised in Encino, California.

King is currently a Senior Advisor at a company that manages a portfolio of commercial properties, including eateries, convenience stores, and accountancy companies. And he also runs Kings Consultants LLC, a crisis management company, as its Managing Partner and Owner. In this capacity, he has provided invaluable counsel and assistance to a wide range of people and businesses, allowing them to flourish despite obstacles and achieve lasting success.

His problem-solving and crisis-management talents are in high demand, and he has a strong track record of supporting a wide range of businesses while giving back. He has extensive experience in industry and law, as well as a solid academic background in these fields. His dedication to his community through his many years of military service speaks for itself.


Mitchell earned a BA in Political Science. He attended USC as an undergraduate and obtained this degree there (USC). He also earned an MBA from a prestigious program. A Merit Scholar, he earned his Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego during his time there. A scholarship he applied for paid for 75% of his school fees.

Serve in the Armed Forces

The time and effort Ian King of Los Angeles put into the military is one of the things he is most proud of. LT. Ian King of Los Angeles was a Marine Corps infantryman. Among his many military achievements, being named a Marine Corps Company Honor Man is the one he is most pleased with. Another major success was finishing first in his class at the School of Infantry. A promotion was granted to him for his hard work.

During his time in service, he won several prestigious accolades. That includes graduating with honor from the US Navy Officer Candidate School, serving as a Lieutenant in the Navy as a Public Affairs Advisor to an Admiral, and working as a Lieutenant in the Pentagon as a member of the Secretary of Defense's staff. This is by no means an exhaustive list of his military achievements.

Fun Stuff I Like to Do Personally

Los Angeles native Ian King Los Angeles loves to ride horses, and he especially enjoys doing it with his niece, who is eight years old. Mini-golf is another pastime the two share. He has a solid commitment to physical training and spends a lot of time in his at-home gym. Mitchell did all of these things and more, including rescuing a Shepherd dog and spending a lot of time with the animal.

Acts of Kindness and Other Forms of Charity

As a Rotarian, Ian King is a member of that organization. He takes great pride in joining Rotary, an international service club. Notably, he is involved in the Rotary Club of Pasadena. He is also an active member of the Rotary clubs in Studio City/Sherman Oaks, Granada Hills, Los Angeles 5, and the San Fernando Valley Evening.

King has also been actively involved in the community as a volunteer. He frequently gives his time to aid those who are less fortunate. He also devotes his time to causes that help disadvantaged people like battered women, kids, and veterans. His charitable contributions frequently include The Aleph Institute and other religious groups. Ian King, a Los Angeles resident, often gives to a wide variety of causes. Even Surfers United fits into this category. He has contributed to several reasons benefiting people with disabilities over the years. He's a representative for the Rose Parade. Aside from that, he's actively involved in storm relief efforts. One more way Ian King Los Angeles gives back is by participating in annual clothing and toy drives at Camp Pendleton. Mitchell can give back to the community and help those in need through his volunteer work at the PALS youth center and the local homeless shelter. In addition, he frequently lends a hand at the Pasadena Homeless Shelter and the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.

King can do charitable work thanks to his time spent in the military. He has served with distinction in the armed forces so that he may join organizations like the American Legion and Marine Corps League. Within these groups, he can give back to the community and serve other veterans who have served in the armed forces.

These are only a few examples of King's regular volunteer work. He is always giving back to the community in whichever manner he can.

About What Is Ian Mitchell King the Most Satisfied?

Lawyer Ian King Los Angeles is affiliated with the ABA (ABA). He is active in the community as a USC Alumni mentor and sponsor, a member of Rotary, and a member of the American Legion. He is most proud of his involvement with the Surfer Foundation for Underserved Youth in San Diego and his participation in the Valley Industry Commerce Association (VICA). He takes great pride in the fact that he is a benefactor who actively assists numerous needy communities.