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Ian King Los Angeles serves as Senior Advisor for a business that owns and manages various real estate holdings, including restaurants, convenience stores, and accounting firms. In addition, he is the owner and managing partner of Kings Consultants LLC, a company specializing in crisis management. As part of his responsibilities in this area, he has assisted many individuals and organizations in overcoming challenges and advancing toward prosperity and success.

King's areas of expertise include uncommon problem-solving and crisis-management skills. Although he has a long history of supporting various organizations and giving back, he is an expert in these areas. In addition to this, he possesses an extensive educational and professional background in the fields of business and law. Not only does he have a comprehensive military service record, but the work he has done and will continue to do for the community is extremely impressive.

For example, he has helped small businesses escape faux lawsuits from ex-employees or predatory lawyer. He also works closely with online reputation experts who help businesses and individuals "own" their online image and get rid of negative content.

Ian completed his education with a degree in political science at the bachelor's level. He earned this degree as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California (USC). In addition, he made a Master of Business Administration degree with a strong grade point average. After that, he received his law degree from the University of San Diego, where he had been a Merit Scholar throughout his time there. A scholarship paid for seventy-five percent of his college education expenses.

Ian King, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, has a great deal of pride in the work that he has done and his service in the military. Ian Mitchell King served in the Marine Corps as an infantryman and attained the rank of lieutenant. Even though he has a long list of military accomplishments, the honor of being named a Marine Corps Company Honor Man is the one that means the most to him. In addition, he was the top student in his class when he graduated from the School of Infantry, which is an impressive accomplishment. In addition, due to his outstanding performance, he was promoted.

Ian King was awarded many prestigious honors during his time in the military. This includes graduating with honors from the Officer Candidate School of the United States Navy, working as the Public Affairs Advisor for an Admiral while serving as a Navy Lieutenant, and working as a Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense while serving as a Navy Lieutenant. This is a condensed version of some of his military achievements, but it is still quite impressive.

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